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Consulting and engineering

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Transport & Infrastructure: 
We move the world

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Water and Environment: 
The future of water is in our hands

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Special Engineering: 
The building revolution

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Industry & Energy: 
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We are your innovative consulting and engineering partner

Dorsch Global is recognized as a leading consulting and engineering company providing sustainable infrastructure solutions for present and future generations. As a subsidiary of RSBG SE, a holding company of the RAG-Stiftung, the company contributes to the noble purpose of the foundation. This purpose is to fund the perpetual obligations from German hard coal mining and the protection of an intact environment.

Addressing the infrastructural and social challenges of a dynamic world, the core business areas of Dorsch Global are transportation infrastructure, water & environment, innovative planning, architecture & urban development, energy & industry, and development cooperation.

Dorsch Global achieved a turnover of around 600 million Euro in 2023. A team of about 7,200 employees in more than 50 countries currently supports over 12,000 projects in all life cycles; responsible towards people and nature, with regionally rooted expertise stemming from over 70 years of company history.

Development Cooperation

In the context of Development Cooperation, we implement effective solutions targeting the areas of Water and Sanitation, Integrated Water Resource Management, Energy, Mobility, Sustainable Urban Development, Economic Development and Education, Climate and Environment, Biodiversity, Forestry and Agriculture and Governance.

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Experts in Planning and Consultancy


The challenge of project management is the optimized integration and allocation of the inputs needed to meet those pre-defined objectives.



Construction Supervision Services ranging from site mobilization up to the commissioning process of a building including the project documentation.



Engineering Services are generally used to manage complex challenges. Most often to manage interdisciplinary challenges as well.



In order to optimize the operation, we develop and implement investment-preserving concepts for the regular maintenance and inspection of your plants.



Our service focuses on optimising the lifecycle of plant assets while accomplishing your goals and the performance level of the organisation.