Wiesbaden: New construction of Elisabeth-Selbert-Schule, High School for 1200 pupils

The G9 grammar school for 1,200 pupils and 120 teachers is a prestigious project for the state capital. It is the first newly founded grammar school in Wiesbaden in decades and focuses on digital teaching and media education. The basic architectural concept corresponds to contemporary trends in pedagogy and school construction. Future-oriented learning is holistic, sustainable and active instead of passive. For this purpose, learning houses with classrooms in flexibly openable clusters were designed, as well as common areas that can be used as learning environments.

The school facility is divided into six components and houses the following functions, depending on the component: Learning houses, administration and subject rooms, 2-field sports hall, shared central assembly hall with refectory.

The sustainability of the project is evident not only in the implementation of contemporary spatial concepts for the school typology, but also in the construction method using

  •     Prefabricated timber panel construction and greening of the façade
  •     Adherence to the passive house standard, which means that active cooling is not required.
  •     Heating via district heating
  •     Green roofs and roof terraces

Project Activities

  • Basic assessment
  • Preliminary planning
  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Preparation of bill of quantities and cost calculations
  • Tendering
  • Construction supervision
  • Project supervision



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WiBau GmbH


From 2020 to 2026