Construction Supervision: For a proper execution of all works in the construction process



Construction Supervision Services ranging from site mobilization up to the commissioning process of a building including the project documentation.

At Dorsch we subdivide in the three fields of Supervision, Site Management and Health, Safety and Environmental Coordination (HSE).

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Services and Conceps


According to the scope of work, the following services have to be provided:

  • Induction of the awarded contractor to the project
  • Ensure compliance of ongoing construction with building approvals, standards, contracts, design 
  • Material testing
  • Preparation, evaluation, controling and up dating of construction schedules
  • Coordination with third parties involved in the project such as designer, contractor, municipalities and any other public authorities
  • Audit of addenda
  • Preparation and evaluation of as build documents
  • Assessment of warranties and preservation of evidence
  • Measurement of quantities and accounting
  • Daily reports
  • Commissioning and snagging

Site Management

  • Controlling the construction site supervision
  • Coordination of construction site supervision
  • Tender analysis / contract award
  • Determination of delays
  • Building handing over with contractor
  • Building hand over with municipality
  • Commissioning and building hand over to clients
  • Cost assessment
  • Preparation & controlling of budget flow/ charts
  • Cost control

Health, Safety and Environmental Coordination (HSE)

The principal role of Dorsch is to plan, develop and coordinate, audit and promote health, safety and environmental protection in all aspects of the companies activities and advise Dorsch management, clients and contractors on the means and strategies to achieve total loss control through it’s advisory, auditing and monitoring role.

The major responsibilities of Dorsch are to:

  • Develop, update and communicate the companies HSE policies
  • Develop, update communicate and coordinate the companies HSE management system following local and international standards and requirements
  • Assist and advise Dorsch companies on the milestones for the annual implementation programs of HSE management system
  • Asses, audit, monitor and document Dorsch HSE management systems
  • Set, update and coordinate the implementation of the HSE training standards and programs
  • Set HSE performance measures for Dorsch based on the annual HSE objectives and targets
  • Arrange internal and external (third party) audits
  • Assist and advise on all HSE related matters during planning and design phase of construction projects
  • Supervise monitor and document contractors HSE performance during the construction period
  • Having an emergency response system in place
  • Reporting to Dorsch management and authorities (if required)