5th meeting of the business area coordinators at Dorsch Europe

Dorsch Europe: Joint approach to the key topics sustainability, market needs and cross-selling in focus at the 5th meeting of the business unit coordinators

On 20 March 2024, the business unit coordinators of the Dorsch Europe companies came together for their 5th meeting in Darmstadt. This strategic forum highlights essential topics such as sustainability, cross-selling and market needs. The discussions focussed on joint developments and cross-company cooperation.

The actual meeting of the Business Unit Coordinators (BCOs) at Dorsch Europe marked a significant novelty: for the first time, the BCOs met in person at KREBS+KIEFER in Darmstadt. The decision in favour of a face-to-face event proved to be highly beneficial, as the direct exchange of ideas created added value.

The BCOs represented their respective divisions, focussing on a cross-company specific area of expertise. These deliberately created cross-networks are strengthened to successfully implement the multi-brand strategy. At the meeting, both operational and strategic topics were intensively discussed and driven forward.

An important item on the programme was the welcoming of new BCO members by the Management Board Europe (MBE). Ms Adelmann-Klug takes over this function for the "Building Physics + Immission Control" division from Mr Horschig, who successfully managed the division for a long time. The MBE expressed its thanks to Mr Horschig for his services. Dr Villeda has been elected as BCO for the new "Energy + Climate" division. This division was established with these new focal points and the new sister companies from this area. Mr Teklić was welcomed as another new permanent member of the group, who will connect national and international entities in his role as "International Business Coordinatior".

CPO Mr Schanzenbach then announced the establishment of the new "Energy + Climate" business unit, as announced at the last BCO meeting. Dr Villeda presented the topics and objectives of the new business unit.

The focus remained on the topics of "Sustainability & Innovation", "Cross-Selling & Customer Care" and "Market Needs". Preparatory groups had prepared keynote speeches on these key topics in advance, which formed the basis for intensive discussions. Although the topic of "sustainability" may not yet have gained a foothold in all business areas to the same extent due to customer requirements, everyone believes that the topic will undoubtedly play a more important role in the near future. In the thematic block on market needs and cross-selling, the participants discussed how Dorsch's wide range of opportunities with its extensive portfolio can actually be usen to develop customer-oriented and future-proof market solutions.

A particular highlight was the presentation of the "TED4ALL" app, an in-house development for coordinating project tenders and promoting cooperation across the Group. This application enables decision-makers throughout the Group to access relevant project tenders from a central location and to exchange information on potential collaborations.

The event was concluded with a report from the Department of Digitalisation on DiLCAD (Digital Life Cycle Assesment Dashboard) and its previous and planned future projects.

In addition, progress was reported on knowledge management, in particular the enhancement of the existing SharePoint system, which now offers extended access for active participants in the business unit meetings.

To summarise, all participants took the opportunity to exchange views on key topics such as sustainability, cross-selling and market needs in a forward-looking manner and to discuss them openly and intensively. This meeting marks another important step in the strengthening of company-wide co-operation and the strategic alignment of Dorsch Europe.