Northern Governorates of Jordan:
Strengthening the Resilience of Water Utilities, Strengthening of the Economic Performance of Yarmouk Water Company


  • Masterplanning
  • Sanitation
  • Water Supply


Dorsch International Consultants


GIZ - Gesellschaft für int. Zusammenarbeit


From 2016 to 2018

Project Activities

  • Technical Assistance for debt collection for ROU Mafraq
  • Implementation support and monitoring of a PSP (Private Sector Participation) contract for debt collection for ROU Mafraq
  • Implementation support and monitoring of a PSP contract to connect households to the sewage system of Wadi Shallala service area and to legalize connections to the sewer system.
  • Water Meter Exchange Campaign and process (re-)design
  • Supporting main company functions for the Finance, IT, and Commercial Management Departments in YWC and ROUs


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This project took place under the framework of the German Development Cooperation (DC)-programme for the Jordanian water sector that aims to achieve adequate and appropriate services in the water sector for the Jordanian population and secure the economic efficiency of water utilities.
The influx of refugees has led to considerable challenges for the water supply of the country, especially in the north of Jordan, where most refugees reside. The objective of this project module was to contribute to improving of the economic performance of the Yarmouk Water Company (YWC) which is responsible for water supply in the northern governorates. YWC has increased the water production by more than 100% since 2011 to supply the demand of the growing population, but at considerable additional costs.