Exchanging knowledge, creating synergies: Debut of the Dorsch Water Days in Düsseldorf

Our companies in Dorsch Gruppe continue to grow together. In the last three years we have added a number of companies to the group. The companies Dorsch International Consultants GmbH, KREBS+KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH, spiekermann ingenieure gmbh, GRE German Rail Engineering GmbH, PB Consult GmbH, BLS Energieplan GmbH , IRS Stahlwasserbau Consulting AG and BPS rail GmbH are forming the Europe division of Dorsch Gruppe.

The advantages of our group of companies lie not only in the joint project work, but above all in the exchange of knowledge between our experts. Joint events such as the Dorsch Water Days in Düsseldorf, initiated by our Water and Environment Division, are a good example of this growing together.

Dr. Christopher Paschmann from spiekermann ingenieure, one of the initiators, sums it up aptly: "The exciting lectures and the direct exchange within our group of companies have provided us with a lot of new ideas.

Dr Matthias Schäfers, Member of the Board of IRS Stahlwasserbau Consulting AG and Business Area Coordinator for Water & Environment, emphasises the importance of such internal meetings: "Our group is now so diverse that there are many interesting and new things to report. Through the concerted transfer of knowledge and the support of external experts, we strengthen not only our technical knowledge, but also our personal network".

More events to follow. Our aim is to pool our expertise across companies, share knowledge and create synergies. The 2nd Dorsch Water Days will take place soon. It will also be open to external participants. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.