Speech by Stephan Müller at the BIM World Munich 2022

Day 2 for Dorsch Gruppe at the BIM World Munich 2022:

Join us for the session by Stephan Müller, BIM Development & Implementation Manager on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 at 11.30 a.m. on the topic of "Von der Grundlagenermittlung zum 3D-Bestandsmodell – Vorbereitung für die Instandsetzungsplanung einer innerstädtischen Wasserstraße" (in German) in the Breakout Sessions on Stage 1.

A BIM project in infrastructure planning is only as good as its as-built model, unless the structure is being planned from scratch on a greenfield site. Therefore, it is very important that the client and the planner think about the information requirements together at the beginning and define a reasonable model structure, depth of information and necessary attributes.

Dorsch Gruppe was commissioned by the Berlin Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection to create a comprehensive as-built model of the Neuköllner-Schifffahrts-Kanal (NSK) including the Neukölln lock. The structure information model with a total length of four kilometres in the capital will serve as the data basis for extensive planning measures for the repair of the bank enclosures as well as the new construction of the lock. In this keynote speech, you will learn how the 104 sub-models were fed from a wide variety of information sources and what is important in the modelling process.

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