Dorsch Gruppe 
is shaping sustainable living spaces worldwide

Our Understanding of Sustainability

Dorsch Global as one of the largest independent consulting and engineering companys in Germany is implementing solutions for today’s most pressing issues.

As the world becomes more and more urbanized, the infrastructure sector has become one of the major battlegrounds for fighting climate change and leveraging resource and energy efficiency. Developing new – and refurbishing existing – infrastructure in a safe and sustainable way is vital to building a better, greener future for ourselves and our planet.

CEO Olaf Hoffmann explains the mission of Dorsch Global quite succinctly, saying:“The main service we are offering in urban design: we build whatever you need to build a city. Dorsch Global wants to develop safe, affordable, sustainable, and decarbonized infrastructure to fight poverty, to give access to potable water, and to increase the quality of life for future generations.”

As Dorsch Global, we shape sustainable living spaces with our subsidiaries worldwide. In a world that becomes more and more urbanized, the infrastructure sector plays a key role in fighting climate change. Therefore, we see it as our task to actively advocate for more sustainability in the consulting engineering industry.

We define the term sustainability as the integration of ecological, social and economic factors in all our activities. At the same time, we ensure that the needs of all our stakeholders are considered. As an industry pioneer, we see sustainability as a core element of our vision:

"We are planning and building sustainable living spaces and infrastructure for present and future generations."

Our aspiration is to create innovative, holistic and resource-efficient value for all stakeholders and to promote sustainable social development. We therefore align our processes for the long term, putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Our core business is represented by high-quality, independent and sustainable engineering and planning work.

We use our entrepreneurial and professional knowledge to provide our customers with concrete and sustainable solutions that avoid, mitigate and compensate for any environmental risks. With our technical expertise and planning experience, our experts can identify risks to the environment at an early stage and take them into account in a targeted manner.

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Sustainability Management
Dorsch International Consultants GmbH

More information on Dorsch International's sustainability management and the ZNU certification "Driving Sustainable Change" can be found on the corresponding pages of Dorsch International Consultants GmbH

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United Nations Global Compact – Sustainability Report (COP)

„[...] business can be part of the solution to the challenges of globalization.“ (UN Global Compact 2006)

As an integral part of Dorsch International Consultants GmbH's sustainability dialogue, we have been reporting annually according to the United Nations Global Compact framework since 2018. This United Nations initiative aims to address global challenges in a targeted and effective manner. Meanwhile, more than 21,000 companies and organizations are part of this network. Through cooperation between government institutions, companies and NGOs, global challenges can be mastered jointly and sustainably.

For us, transparency as a corporate value is not only part of our corporate identity, but at the same time it is also our standard for all our processes. Through transparent communication, we ensure that we actively pursue our sustainability claim in the economic, ecological and social areas. Among other things, this is an essential part of our Dorsch sustainability management.

In this context, we report annually on the topics of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We show how we integrate the topic of sustainability into our daily business and which concrete measures we implement in the course of this.

You can read more about our corporate presence on the UNGC platform and get an overview of our previously published sustainability reports at the following link:

Sustainability Report