Water Supply and Sanitation Adriatic Coast Consulting Services for Improvement of Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal in Ulcinj


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  • Water Supply


Dorsch International Consultants


Ulcinj Municipality


Von 2016 bis 2017


Upgrade and improve existing water supply network:

  • Rehabilitation of 4 water sources (spring and wells) and 3 pumping stations
  • Rehabilitation of water network DN 200 to DN350 – 8.7 km
  • Construction of new pipelines DN 100 to DN600 – 56.6 km
  • Rehabilitation of secondary and tertiary network – 50 ha
  • Construction of new reservoirs 300 m3 and 6000m3
  • New / Rehabilitation of Pressure Break Chambers
  • Installation of SCADA system

Improvement of sewerage and drainage system:

  • Rehabilitation of 2 sea outfalls
  • Rehabilitation of sewer transmission lines DN 400 to DN 700 – 1.7 km


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The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany has, throughout the years, committed substantial financing to support the Water and Sewage sector of the coastal area of Montenegro. This investment focused on the Water Supply and the Sewage and stormwater disposal system in Ulcinj where the population was estimated at 20,000 with roughly 100,000 tourists during the season from July to September. The urban portion was about 55% and the biggest settlements in the Ulcinj municipality are Donji Štoj followed by Kodre, Vladimir and Brajse.
The Overall Objective of the Project was to:

  • Contribute to the economic development of Montenegro by supporting tourism development in the project area
  • Enhance the protection of water resources and the environment
  • Establish a sustainable structure for service provision in the water sector at the Montenegrin Coast
  • Consequently, the project ensured universal, equitable and affordable supply of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation services