Karak: Operation and Maintenance Services for three Photovoltaic Plants in Karak Governorate

This project aims to achieve more sustainable patterns of energy consumption and production through monitoring the performance of three solar energy plants. The contract entails the supervision of the Operation and Maintenance of three  PV Plants: 5.0 MW PV Plant located in Judaideh, Karak Governorate, Jordan and 2.1 MW PV Plant located in Sul, Karak Governorate. The project ultimately contributes to the economic development of the area, through the expansion of infrastructure for supplying modern and sustainable energy services for commercial usage, along with reducing the carbon footprint of the tourism industry.


  • Monitoring of the performance of the PV Plants against the following Key Performance Indicators:
  1. Energy Production
  2. Performance Ratio
  3. Availability
  • Supervision of the Maintenance undertaken by the O&M Contractor



Dorsch International Consultants


United Saudi Jordanian Hotels and Tourism Company


Von 2020 bis 2020