Zimbabwe Water Sector Investment Analysis


  • Industry 4.0
  • Wasser und Umwelt


München (Hauptsitz/Headquarters)


World Bank


Von 2013 bis 2013


  • Collection and review of available documentation related to the water sector in Zimbabwe.
  • Development of a database of projects in the WSS sector.
  • Rapid assessment of the institutional and technical capacity in the water sector of Zimbabwe.
  • Rapid assessment of the existing water infrastructure in Zimbabwe.
  • Analysis of strategic water-dependent growth and development sectors.
  • Analysis of the economics of water use and development.
  • A Water Sector Investment Analysis.
  • Analysis of financing options.
  • Development of selection criteria for prioritization of projects.
  • Consultation workshops with stakeholders.
  • Capacity Building and Knowledge Dissemination.


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Prior to the implementation of this project, Zimbabwe’s water sector required urgent rehabilitation and restoration of services. After the country’s transition out of an agricultural economy, the large-scale water infrastructure became underutilized. It then became important to provide assistance strategically targeted to both meet the pressing needs for the reestablishment of services and provide the required infrastructure platform in the water sector to underpin growth.
Consequently, this project prepared a Water Sector Investment Analysis to guide the World Bank’s future investment in the water sector and contribute towards the government’s preparation of a Water Sector Investment Strategy.