Bunde: Verdichterstation Bunde

The compressor station at Bunde, which forms part of the MIDAL-STEGAL natural gas pipeline system, comprises two Demag electric-driven compressor units with a site rating of 250 000 m3 (Vn) /hour each.

All the buildings and other parts of the installation are founded on a total of 450 in-situ concrete piles which extend to a maximum depth of 17 m.


Industrial Engineering


Dorsch International Consultants


Wintershall AG, Kassel

Project Activities

  • Construction engineering

    • all service phases for building construction

  • Design of mechanical-electrical equipment

    • heating and ventilation
    • sanitary works
    • electrical explosion protection

  • Design outdoor facilities

    • civil engineering works
    • roads and paths
    • green space

  • Design of loadbearing structures
  • Site supervision


From 1992 to 1993