Hamburg: Survey of Housing Land

Wohnbauflächen Hamburg-Umland
Wohnbauflächen Hamburg-Umland

Under the terms of this contract it was necessary to carry out a survey of the reserve land for housing construction in the 4 rural districts of Herzogtum Lauenburg, Pinneberg, Segeberg and Stormarn which form the northern hinterland of the city of Hamburg.

The area of investigation was divided into the following types of region: axis region and special economic region as well as axis transition region. On the basis of the existing development plans the areas were evaluated according to their status, type and extent of building use, degree of development and temporal availability in terms of the relevant planning law.

The project objective was to provide updated information on the available housing land so as to control the future settlement development within the framework of a regional development concept for the greater Hamburg metropolitan area.


Architecture and Urban Design


Dorsch International Consultants


Hamburg and Marginal Districts (Joint Association)

Project Activities

  • On-site review and evaluation of existing documents
  • Generation of database with appropriate data structure
  • Data input and summation in accordance with selected criteria
  • Preparation of tables of results
  • Preparation of graphics
  • Cartographic processing & presentation of results


From 1992 to 1993