Mannheim: Logistic Centre with Automatic Warehouse

The project involved the extension of an existing automatic warehouse to accommodate 21 500 pallet spaces (previous capacity 8 600 pallets) and the addition of a three-storey production and packaging building to form a new "logistic centre". Above the production area are arranged two floors with offices. The gross building volume is as follows:

  • Multi-storey building

    • 105 000 m³

  • Automatic warehouse

    • 78 800 m³

  • Logistic centre

    • 183 800 m³

The design also had to permit the possible subsequent expansion of the building by about two thirds and of the automatic warehouse by an additional 13 000 pallet spaces.

As general planner DORSCH CONSULT was in charge of all the architectural and engineering services including project management. At the request of the owner services were subcontracted to a freelance architect and a consultant for logistic planning.


Architecture and Urban Design

Industrial Engineering


Dorsch International Consultants


Boehringer Mannheim GmbH

Project Activities

  • Project management comprising

    • project organization
    • technical coordination
    • cost control
    • time scheduling

  • Architectural services as per § 15 HOAI (German Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers) comprising

    • detailed design
    • tendering/contract award
    • construction supervision

  • Structural design as per § 64 HOAI
  • Technical installations as per § 73 HOAI comprising

    • heating/ventilation/airconditioning/refrigerating/gases and media
    • plumbing/stationary fire protection
    • electrical system


From 1990 to 1993