Oberhausen: CENTRO Oberhausen

CENTRO Oberhausen
CENTRO Oberhausen

Dorsch was commissioned by a firm of international property developers with the design and supervision of an urban redevelopment scheme involving mixed commercial utilisation on a former industrial site (disused steelworks) near the centre of Oberhausen in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia. The first development phase embraces the following buildings and facilities: shopping mall on two levels with sales area of 70 000 sqm, walkway with adjacent multi-purpose development including a cinemax cinema, a concert hall with 10 000 seats, 8 multi-storey car parks with space for a total of 10 000 vehicles, a central square, artificial streams and ponds covering 13 000 sqm as well as the integration of the entire site into the surrounding urban infrastructure – except for the necessary construction of new by-pass roads and of a public transport link with halt inside the project area.

Among the particular difficulties encountered were:

  • high water table
  • stipulations concerning surface water drainage
  • refilled, partially contaminated subsoil
  • partial filling of artificial surface waters with rainwater


Transport and Infrastructure


Dorsch International Consultants


Neue Mitte Oberhausen Projektentwicklung GmbH & Co. KG

Project Activities

  • Traffic investigations including dimensioning of internal road network
  • Conceptual planning for effective wastewater drainage system
  • Advisory services during contracting, handling of requirements made by authorities and planning permission procedure
  • Clearance of building site and foundations including:

    • risk analysis
    • monitoring of remediation and demolition work (with a value of approx. ‰ 51 million)
    • contract management
    • subsoil investigations
    • design and supervision of static and dynamic pile loading tests
    • design of piled foundations with approx. 10 000driven piles
    • digital terrain and groundwater modelling

  • Infrastructure development:

    • preliminary investigation of all supply and disposal lines
    • design of road network
    • design of surface wastewater and rainwater disposal system
    • plan approval for main collector as intermediate solution for wastewater collection

  • Design of artificial surface waters including bridges.


From 1991 to 1998