School Construction Programme


  • Buildings & Architecture
  • Masterplanning
  • Urban Infrastructure & Utilities


Dorsch International Consultants


Ministry of Public Works and Housing (MoPWH)


From 2019 to 2024

Project Activities

Individual design of “Child-Centered Fully Functional Schools”, considering school buildings as an integral part of the educational process and integrating aspects of the “21st Century School” concept as far as appropriate in the Jordanian context.
Consideration of optimized urban planning/master plan approach taking future extensions and integration in surrounding area and vegetation, energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy, quality of internal but also external spaces, access for disabled people, maintenance friendliness, specialized rooms such as computer and science laboratories, and modern school furniture.


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The influx of Syrian refugees resulted in challenges for the Jordanian education system. Overcrowding and double shifts result in inequitable learning conditions and decreased education quality. The need for additional schools is recognized in the Jordanian Response Plan (JPR) to the Syrian crisis.
The overall development objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of personal and economic development perspectives for Jordanian and Syrian children to serve as a basis for stability, peace and prosperity in the region. The SCP specifically aims to improve learning conditions in the field of basic education in selected project areas through the provision and adequate utilization of additional school infrastructure ensuring complete equitable and quality access to primary and secondary education.

The School Construction Programme is composed of two components as follows:

  • FC Component funded by the German Government through KfW Development Bank- Construction of up to 13 new schools or school extensions
  • EU Component funded by the European Union- Construction of 10 new schools and complementary measures