Laem Chabang:
Port Development Phase 2 - Preliminary Design and Feasibility Study


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Port Authority of Thailand (PAT)


Until 1996

Project Activities

The services of DORSCH CONSULT encompassed the following studies:

  • The Port Traffic Forecast covered long-term developments and scenarios of economic growth, foreign trade and sea transport in Thailand, South- East Asia and elsewhere in the world, incl. e.g. regional economic integration, trends in containerization and vessel sizes, allocation of port traffic between competing ports (e.g. Bangkok), vessel call forecast broken down by vessel categories and sizes, etc.
  • The Economic Feasibility analysed the economic costs and benefits (EIRR, NPV etc) of the project for the national economy based on realistic without project scenarios (forecast of ship waiting times, impact on alternative ports and transport models, etc.)The Financial Feasibility analyzed potential financing models and resources, cost covering revenues, the overall financial viability and the critical success.
  • Factors of the project based on cash flow, FIRR, NPV etc. It analyzed the financial feasibility of a model of public-private partnership and determined viable BOT concession rates (of container terminal operators).
  • The Marketing Plan defined the long-term role and potential of the port and established a strategy to strengthen and improve LCP’s competitive position in Thailand and South-East Asia and to make it an important direct port of call in South-East Asia.
  • The Private Sector Involvement Study determined the scope of suitable involvement of the private sector and proposed an extensive BOT model for the container terminals. This was integrated in a pragmatic overcall model of public-private partnership.
  • The programme of Overall Operating Efficiency summarized the factors considered as critical and essential for ensuring the port’s overall operating efficiency.


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The Preliminary Design of Laem chabang Port (LCP) phase 2 and the Study on the Economic, Engineering and Environmental Feasibility of LCP Phase 2 have been awarded to a multi-national joint venture composed by Japanese (team leader) and Thai engineering companies and DORSCH CONSULT.

The subject of the study and design is a phase 2 extension programme for LCP, Phase 1 of which was inaugurated in 1991.

The project is proposed to be implemented as a BOT (Build, Operate, and Transfer) project, where the BOT investment package covers some 60% of total investment cost.

The capacities and facilities of LCP phase 2 are designed for some 3.5 million TEU and for the berthing and handling requirements of post panamax vessels.

This project will soon make LCP the No. 1 of all Thai deep-sea ports and one of the most important ports (with partial ‘hub’ – function) in South-East Asia.

Planned construction period is from 1997 to 2009 based on staged Construction.