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Jetty Port with Multi Product Loading/Unloading Facilities


  • Oil & Gas


Dorsch Consult asia Co., Ltd.


National Petrochemical Corporation Ltd. (NPC)


Until 1987

Project Activities

  • Basic design
    • Product handling facilities
    • Product specifications
    • Piping and mechanical equipment design parameters
    • Process flow balances and material balances
    • Utility and safety requirements
    • Plot plans and lay-out drawings
    • Jetty design data
  • Preparation of bid documents including
    • Contractual / legal part with instruction to bidders, scope of work and conditions of contract
    • Technical part with standard and engineering specifications covering all types of deliveries, installations and constructions
  • Contractor prequalification procedure
  • Cost estimate
  • Bid evaluation and recommendation for contract award


Dorsch Consult asia Co., Ltd.

Bangkok (Headquarters)
1168/45 Lumpini Tower,
18th Floor
Rama 4 Road
Tungmahamek, Sathon

10120 Bangkok

Phone: +66 2 - 679 89 00
Fax: +66 2 - 679 89 95

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The port comprises the following main components

  • Operation platform with berthing and mooring facilities for ships up to 10 000 dwt
  • Platform product piping and equipment, such as loading arms, pumps etc., as well as fire fighting facilities and utilities equipment
  • Platform control building with substation, emergency power generator and fire water pumps
  • Light jetty in pipe truss construction with a total length of approx. 4.5 km designed for light track guided vehicle traffic and to support 13 products and vapour pipelines

The facilities are designed for handling the following products

  • Ethylene (-104oC)
  • Ethylene dichloride (EDC)
  • Propylene, hexane, butane
  • Vinyl chloride-manomer (VCM)
  • NaOE
  • For the transport of the ethylene specially insulated piping is provided:
    • 8” Ø proper ethylene pipe with 15 cm insulation
    • 6” Ø cool-down pipe with 12 cm insulation used during ethylene transport operation standstill.
  • Berth and mooring facilities with a short road jetty access bridge parallel to the light jetty near the coast for shuttle boat services, i.e. transportation of personnel, material, equipment and heavy spare parts to the operation platform
  • Onshore pipeline up to the battery limit of the tank farm including pigging stations

The operation platform is protected by a remote controlled fire fighting system consisting of electrical and diesel driven fire water pumps, foam system and dry powder facilities.