Communication Systems for Gas Separation Plant 1


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Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT)

Project Activities

  • Survey of existing systems
  • Design of communication and
  • control systems
  • Preparation of specifications and tender documents
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Assisting clients in selection of contractor and award of contract
  • Checking of contractor’s construction drawings
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning and start-up


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For the control of the gas separation plant project, which consists of a gas separation plant, 3 transfer pipelines, a marine terminal with tank farm and jetty, as well as 2 housing areas , the following communication systems were provided:

Radio relay and carrier multiplex system.

  • The data and voice communication system consists of integrated microwave, UHF mobile radio and data communication systems and control links along the transfer pipelines. The microwave system is a 2 GHZ hot stand-by space diversity system with 48 voices and data channels and the mobile radio system is a UHF radio system with fixed base stations.
  • The channel configuration comprises the voice dispatch interconnections between 5 plant locations and the dispatcher at the operation centre; UHF tactical interconnection combinations between the repeaters and the dispatcher; UHF administrative interconnection combinations between 5 UHF base stations and the dispatcher; block valve control from the central control; a number of dialogue channels between the control rooms at the gas separation plant, the refinery and the jetty and the SCADA system centre; as well as the channels to connect PABX at the gas separation plant and the marine terminal.

Supervisor control and data

  • Acquisition system (SCADA). An existing regional SCADA system configured with a prime computer, a back-up computer, a development system and remote terminal units with microwave connections to a master station at an operation centre and the client’s head office in Bangkok was extended for the remote control of the gas plant project. The extension comprised SCADA prime and back-up computers with complete equipment and ten remote control units, as well as additions for monitoring the electric power supply and water treatment systems.

Telephone system

  • The telephone system consists of 4 PABX in the gas separation plant, the marine terminal and the two housing areas, interconnected via tie lines.

Plant interconnections

  • All control rooms serving process and operating areas are equipped with a public address system for plant intercommunication. The system is used for operating and emergency warning purposes, independently of the normal plant telephone. All vital control points have two-way communication links.

TV system

  • The system comprises television cameras for monitoring the loading and fire fighting operations at each berth of the jetty, remotely controlled from the jetty control room and for flare supervision, remotely controlled from the central control room.