Recap of the GWP Annual Conference 2022 in Berlin

As an innovative consulting and engineering partner, we deal with the question of how to design the infrastructure of tomorrow in a quality-conscious, sustainable and future-oriented manner on a daily basis.

The German Water Partnership Annual Conference 2022 focussed on water, climate and change. Due to the reorientation of climate policy, the German water industry is increasingly dealing with the issues of climate change, sustainability, digitalization and the resulting need for innovation. In a panel discussion and various workshop sessions, participants were able to exchange ideas with each other and with representatives from politics, economy and science. (in German)

The discussion highlighted the role of the water industry in tackling the tasks ahead. As a new GWP Board Member Axel Böcker represented Dorsch Gruppe and showed where the big challenges for international water management and politics are and which role consulting engineers play in coping with the upcoming tasks. 

We are already looking forward to the next GWP annual conference in 2023!