Provinces of An Giang and Dong Thap, Mekong Delta: Flood Damage Rehabilitation Programme (FDRP)

The main objective of the Flood Damage Rehabilitation Programme is to provide flood-affected poor families with their basic needs such as housing on safe ground, sanitation and water supply.

The total programme includes construction of the following main components:

  • 7,000 houses including sanitary fittings
  • 36 kindergartens
  • 198,000 m2 of concrete roads
  • surface drainage and small-bore sewer systems
  • 24 water supply systems using surface water with elevated storage tanks
  • 12 water supply systems using ground water with elevated storage tanks

An essential component of the project is the protection of the new settlements against floods of a high return period, mostly by the elevation of the synthetic ground levels above danger levels and occasionally by protection walls and arterial drainage. 


Verkehr und Infrastruktur

Wasser und Umwelt


DC Asia


People’s Committees of the Provinces of An Giang and Dong Thap


Dorsch Consult together with its subconsultant Viwase Consultant,  Hanoi, is providing:

  • Review and redesign of settlement layouts
  • Preparation of detailed designs for houses, toilets, kindergartens, roads, drainage and small-bore sewer systems,
  • Preparation of detailed designs for water supply treatment plants, elevated storage tanks and distribution systems
  • Design of small-scale solid waste facilities
  • Elaboration of detailed cost estimates, bilingual bid documents, bid evaluation and contract documents
  • Construction supervision and contract administration for 36 settlements located in two provinces
  • Identification of optimum management systems for water supply schemes and handling of septage.


Von 2003 bis 2006


Juergen Supik