Jiangsu Province: Eco-city Planning and Management Programme

Eco-city Planning Jiangsu
Eco-city Planning Jiangsu

This programme is a Chinese-German cooperation programme, implemented by the municipal governments of Yangzhou and Changzhou and the GTZ.

The provincial government, through the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation is the executing agency of the programme.

The programme contributes to a strengthening of the ecocity strategies in China for a more sustainable urbanisation process, implying improved socially, economically and ecologically balanced management efficiency.

Within the wide fields of ecocity development, the programme focuses on the following three components:

  • Spatial planning and integrated urban environmental management.
  • Solutions for selected key issues on urban development and the urban environment.
  • Integrated learning systems and dissemination channels.


Architektur und Städteplanung


DC Asia


German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ)


  • Assignment of an expatriate institutional advisor based in Changzhou, to interact with the Environmental Protection Bureaus and Urban Planning Bureaus of both Municipalities, in defining strategies for managing land, water, energy, and material resources with a high level of efficiency and sustainable in the long term. The resource management will emphasise the prevention of pollution from the manufacturing and service industries, the public sector and households. The fields of assistance focus mainly on water and solid waste management issues, but include also neighboring topics such as eco-sanitation, cleaner production, environmentally friendly construction, facility management, sound traffic management and public transport.
  • Assignment of international and national experts covering specialist subjects such as eco-sanitation, industrial wastewater treatment, eco-efficiency in industry, ecological planning and construction


Von 2003 bis 2007


Juergen Supik