Indonesia, nationwide: Eastern Indonesia Region Transport Project (EIRTP)

A. Design Road Fund Scheme and Road Board Structure 

The Consultant should provide advisory inputs to develop the most appropriate design of road fund schemes for Indonesia, based on international good practice of fee-for services principle, especially in respect to Sub-National structure and the operational relationship between any central and sub-national entities.

These should at least consist of the following tasks:

A.1. The Consultant is expected to review and reconfirm the general concept of the Road Board / Road Fund Model that is going to be applied later.

This will become the main element to be consulted and agreed on among major road shareholders

A.2. Consistent with the outcome of Task A.1.

The Consultant should refine and reconfirm the detail implementation arrangement of the Road Board / Road Fund Scheme

A.3. In accordance with the outcome of Task A.1 and A.2 above, the preparation and establishment of RB and RF through staging implementation strategy via some Pilot Projects should be continuously fostered and coordinated with some interested Provincial Government and other related Institutions.

The formulation of a Pilot Project Concept should be designed based on how the scheme could operate at a partial scale.

Emphasis should be given on how road preservation could be improved through a rational approach within the management using an objective management system and measurable performance indicators while at the same time involving the road users in the decision making process.

It is a mistake just to view a Road Fund as an instrument to raise revenue for road preservation.

The introduction of Pilot Projects is expected to speed up the realization of Road Fund Schemes whilst keeping the process within the `right' track' of commercialization in order to achieve effectiveness and efficiency.

B. In accordance and consistent with the outcome of Task A above, the Consultant should assist in the preparation of an Act (Undang-Undang) and it’s supporting Regulation(s).

The Consultant is expected to prepare the substance material and the corresponding Draft of the Legislation/Regulation.

The finalisation of the Legislation/Regulation Draft shall be accomplished through intensive discussion with an Adhoc Legislation Team (Tim Perubahan UU 13/1980 tentang Jalan) set up by the Ministry of Kimpraswil. This will be sequenced as follows:

B.1. The Consultant is expected to review and refine the draft legislation in the form of the revision of Undang Undang Jalan No. 13/1980 (Road Act);

B.2. The Consultant should assist in designing the draft regulations consisting of Government Regulation (Peraturan Pemerintah) and Presidential Decree (Keputusan Presiden) that should be in line with the Revised Road Act; and

B.3. The Consultant is to prepare Draft Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for managing Road Funds and establishing Road Boards for all activities involved, including but not limited to the followings: revenue collection, fund management and disbursement, planning, programming, design, budgeting, procurement, contracting and execution of road preservation works and its supervision

C. Extend the Socialization Process at National Level and Selected Sub-National Areas

C.1. The Consultant is expected to assist the Client in conducting a socialization and consultation process with the major road shareholders/stakeholders at national level

C.2. The Consultant should assist the Client in conducting a further public consultation and awareness campaign.

D. Develop Institutional Capacity

The Consultant should assist the Client in developing institutional capacity for road fund administration and road board operation through training of trainers and comparative study of road fund schemes in other countries. These will at least include the following tasks:

D.1. The Consultant should assist the Client in the preparation and arrangement for participation in Training in Road Fund Management for key stakeholder that will be involved later in the enactment of Road Boards and Road Funds.

This will be done through Training of Trainers, which will be conducted directly at the University of Birmingham.

These trainers then will act as the core actors in carrying out further in country training for those stakeholders in cooperation with Indonesian Universities/ Academics; and .

D.2. The Consultant should assist the Client in the preparation and making all necessary arrangement for conducting Comparative Study in other countries that have successfully implemented Road Funds.

The initial long list is South Africa, Malawi, Ghana, Honduras, Guatemala, and New Zealand.

This will be done through preliminary evaluation/visits in order to find the 'best' country, or to determine the short list.

The consultant could then assist the Client in designating the selection criteria to find the appropriate candidates to participate in the Comparative Study Tour in one or two countries.


Verkehr und Infrastruktur


DC Asia


Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure/Directorate General of Regional Infrastructure


Design road fund schemes and road board structures

  • Assist to review/refine draft legislation, prepare draft regulations, and prepare draft standard operating procedures
  • Extend the socialization process at national level and selected sub-national areas
  • Develop institutional capacity
  • Develop a typical implementation procedure for RF/RB schemes
  • Finalize detailed design and operating procedure for authorized RF/RB schemes
  • Provide advisory support to initial RF/RB schemes
  • Assist initial operating of specified RF/RB schemes review and adjust RF/RB model, design and operating procedures


Von 2004 bis 2005


Juergen Supik