• In June 2018, Dorsch Holding GmbH, holding company of all Dorsch Gruppe subsidiaries, moves to new office premises at Frankfurt/Main International Airport
  • In March 2018, Andreas Schweinar is taking over responsibility as CFO for Dorsch Holding GmbH and as Managing Director for Dorsch International and BDC Dorsch Consult
  • On February 17th 2016, the RAG-Stiftung acquires 70 percent of shares of Dorsch Gruppe through its investment company, RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH.
  • Dorsch Gruppe is celebrating its 65th jubilee
2015Together with BDC Dorsch Consult, Dorsch International is certified by TÜV Rheinland for Sustainable Corporate Management and has become a "First Mover" in it's branch.
2014Dorsch International Headquarter moves to new office premises in Munich-Laim
2011Dorsch Gruppe is celebrating its 60th anniversary with 250 guests from Germany and abroad
Successful Reorientation
  • DC Airports Ltd. and Hoffmann Röder Ltd. are merged into the subcompany DC Water & Environment. In connection to that its name was changed into Dorsch International Consultants Ltd.
  • Dorsch Holding DC Abu Dhabi gets the project order for the urban expansion plan Al Ghadeer
  • Opening of the first branch office in Saudi Arabia
  • Dorsch Group is publishing the first Arabic-German issue of "Planen und Bauen" in collaboration with the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2008 Establishment of a branch network in the United Arab Emirates driven by the regional headquarters Abu Dhabi
2007 Extension of the DC Asia Branch in Jakarta/Indonesia driven by the regional headquarters Bangkok
Foundation of the Dorsch Gruppe
  • Complementary shareholdings are pooled to one strategic force
  • Further developments of international activities and implementation of new services
  • Establishment of a branch network in India driven by the regional headquarters in Mumbai
2005 Jürgen Röder und Olaf Hoffmann acquire 100 percent of the shares of Dorsch Consult from the French corporate group Groupe Egis S.A. on September 2, 2005. Foundation of the Dorsch Gruppe. 
Expansion of activities
  • Acquisition of 100% of the shares of wpm Projektmanagement GmbH, Stutttgart
  • Foundation of Dorsch Consult (india) Private Ltd., Mumbai, India
  • The Dorsch Consult Group became member of the renamed Groupe EGIS
  • Acquisition of 80% of the shares of airplan GmbH, Stuttgart
1996 German-French Cooperation in European Consultancy Engineering Dorsch Consult and SCETAUROUTE S.A. conclude an agreement to megre their interests
  • Operations Management Support to Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)
  • Foundation of Dorsch Consult OST GmbH, Leipzig, to unite the 6 East Germany DC companies under one parent company
1991 Foundation of DCT Dorsch Consult (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Reunification, upswing in business in the east
  • Altogether 6 subisidiary companies are established in the 5 new federal states of Germany
  • Long-distance natural gas pipelines MIDAL and STEGAL with Rehden underground gas storage reservoir
  • Housing programme in the States
Large-Scale Foreign Projects
1987 Foundation of Dorsch Consult Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • International Airport Munich 2
  • German Antarctic Research Station
  • Cocoa-processing factory in State of Ondo / Nigeria
  • Hijaz Railway Line from Damascus / Syria to Medina / Saudi Arabia via Amman / Jordan
  • Gas Terminal in Thailand
  • Baghdad Metro in Iraq
  • Thorium High Temperature Reactor (THTR 300) in Germany
  • Han River in P.R. China
1977 Top-priority wastewater disposal and treatment scheme in industrial zone of Helwan near Cairo in Egypt
1974 Large-scale contracts in the Middle East
Urban Infrastructure Projects
  • Dorsch Consult GmbH, limited liability company under German law, now 100% under the ownership of the Dorsch family
  • Execution of urban transport plans and design of underground railway and mass rapid transit sections. Development of own simlation program for the precise calculation of the flow conditions in sewerage systems during extreme rainfall event
World Bank Projects
1958 Advisory services and engineering design for the World Bank in Japan, Spain, Venezuela, Jamaica, Brazil, Chile and Somalia
Pipeline and Industrial Engineering
1957 The company's first contacts for the oil and gas industry in Germany
Entry into the International Market
1956 Commencement of the company's foreign activities in the Middle East
1951 Foundation of Dorsch Consult consulting engineering company in Wiesbaden, Germany