Our Understanding of Sustainability

Our core business is represented by high-quality, independent and sustainable engineering and planning work. As a service provider, we take the needs of our customers in terms of sustainability very seriously and help to continuously improve the sustainability performance within the value chain. In addition, we use our entrepreneurial and technical knowledge to provide our clients with concrete and sustainable solutions that, in particular, avoid, mitigate or compensate for environmental risks. 

In all our engineering and planning services, sustainable planning means understanding environmental risks right from the start and giving high priority to resource protection. In our interdisciplinary planning and project teams environmental risk projects are addressed and analysed in their entire range – right from the beginning. With our professional competence and our planning experience, our concepts and designs can already be aware of environmental risks at a very early stage of the project and can be integrated in a smart way. Consistent recording of environmental risks and the planning of these are the base for sustainable planning and subsequent project success.

Particularly in our infrastructure planning, strategic environmental assessments, environmental compatibility studies, landscape maps, species protection reviews or other specialist analyses (soil and water surveys) developed by inhouse experts, they help us to scrutinize and optimize projects in advance. Thus, interventions in nature and landscape can be minimized with help of appropriate compensation measures.

Through resource-saving solutions in the areas of infrastructure, urban development and architecture, we contribute to the topic of smart energy efficiency within buildings and infrastructure facilities. Our planning services in water supply and sanitation increasingly focus on energy-optimized technical solutions at pumping stations and sewage treatment plants as well as on long-term protection of water resources.

The Dorsch Gruppe has its own departments linked with sustainability, for example in Abu Dhabi. As a "first mover" in our industry, two subsidiaries in Germany have already been officially certified in terms of "Sustainable Corporate Management".

ZNU Certificate "Nachhaltiger Wirtschaften" (Centre for Sustainable Corporate Management at University Witten-Herdecke) for Dorsch International and BDC (details see certificate) audited by TÜV Rheinland Cert