CEO Statement

Dear Colleagues, dear Clients, dear Partners,

The coronavirus has the world, Dorsch, our families and friends in its grip. Together we are faced with a task of enormous size. A time to put the common interest above the personal interest.

The measures taken are unprecedented for countries in peacetime but have to be followed in order to protect the most at risk groups such as vulnerable elderly people and people with poor health, our parents and grandparents.

With all the news from Dorsch offices and abroad, with all the events that follow each other at breakneck speed, it makes perfect sense that there are very broad concerns. We all have questions but there is no easy or quick way out of this difficult situation.

It is hard to forecast timelines or public regulations to come but there will be a time after Corona.

So we have to manage the economic consequences resulting from the completely understandable public restrictions being put in place. Closed borders, reduced mobility, closed schools, Isolation or Quarantine all of which will naturally lead us into time of lower productivity. However, I strongly request our staff to follow the rules set in your countries.

We have been preparing various processes in order to cope with public regulations to come up to the strict lock down restrictions such as:

  • Changing our office centred IT systems into a decentralized, flexible organism allowing home office working where and when requested
  • Align HR procedures towards changed requirements
  • Adjust financial facilities

How long measures are needed, and whether more are needed, depends on how the virus will behave and which restrictions are implemented in the coming weeks and months in our regions. Of course, we keep our finger on the pulse every day and remain agile to the changing environment.

With all the uncertainties out there, one thing is absolutely clear: the task we are facing is very big. At the same time Dorsch remains very strong and absolutely capable to face this crisis. Many of you know me over the last 2 decades and together we have overcome several crisis in the past. So to state it crystal clear as colleague, manager and partner: Together we are strong and we will not fail.

Together we will overcome this difficult period and mobilize towards a strong future afterwards. So please don’t hesitate to address your questions, ideas or concerns to Dorsch.

Finally, I would like to personally thank all colleagues, our partners and clients for their great cooperation, support and solidarity. I wish your family members, friends and colleagues who are infected with the Corona Virus a hopefully easy course, a quick and hopefully uncomplicated recovery.

Take care of each other, wash your hands and keep a distance of 1.5 m. Please adhere to the respective public guidelines. This is how we save lives. It depends on everyone.

Please send my best regards to your families and friends

Thank you very much

Olaf Hoffmann

CEO Dorsch Gruppe

Olaf Hoffmann
Dorsch CEO - Olaf Hoffmann