CEO Statement

Dorsch Gruppe continuously on the road to success

Higher transparency of our service processes, a strong focus on the core competencies of our individual company divisions and clear positioning in our target markets Central Europe, Middle East, India and Southeast Asia are the focal points of our group-wide development.

The Dorsch Gruppe is also exposed to a volatile global dynamics. However, the recent years marked by the financial crisis, the Euro crisis and sanctions as well as the fall in oil prices proved that our internationally diversified business model enables us to compensate for slowdowns very effectively. We have been successful in greatly expanding our strong positions in international markets such as the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia. In fact, we still achieve more than 80 per cent of our turnover abroad. This confirms once again that our strategic readjustment through diversifying our fields of activity within clearly defined international core markets pays off in respect to profitability and steady growth.

This positive trend is expected to continue in the current financial year and beyond. We now have more than 2,000 employees worldwide – a figure that has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Dorsch is rated number 63 in the internationally recognised Engineering News Record (ENR) list of top 100 consulting firms.

To maintain this course both organically and through acquisitions of complementary planning companies, we have already decided in 2016 to bring a financially sound and experienced partner as the majority shareholder in the company. The RSBG (RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft) has now acquired 100 percent of the shares in the Dorsch Group in 2018, which were previously held by Dorsch Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

This is another occasion (beside investments in British engineering services company Pell Frischmann and in German Quest Media), on which the RSBG (RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft) has invested in its focus area of Engineering Consulting. Dorsch, Pell Frischmann and Quest Media complement each other well in terms of services and branch networks and, with an aggregate headcount of around 3,500 employees, provide an excellent foundation for joint, professional execution of major future projects around the globe.

We clearly achieve a major part of our success in the international arena.Our experience in rapidly changing, growing international markets driven by the dynamics of globalisation reaffirms our approach of combining local presence and the international experience of the whole group.

Despite their significant differences, we have learned to successfully and sustainably deal with markets such as French-speaking West Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, India and Southeast Asia. There is common ground: The rapidly growing demand for planning and constructional resources.

In order to meet the demands of globalisation, the infrastructure of every country must be highly developed at a regional level.

Around the globe, climate change, environmental protection and the management of increasingly scarce resources play an ever more prominent role. Their prominence is also is an indicator for the rising awareness of people – in the age of instant global access to information through the click of a mouse.

The sustainability of our projects is scrutinised just as thoroughly by clients in Germany as in emerging markets and developing countries.  Interestingly, the technologies needed for the construction of energy-self-sufficient cities have already been in use for some time. It is a question of wanting to, rather than of not being able to. As such we, the Dorsch Gruppe, are not only enthusiastic about the globally hotly debated climate issue; we have now also received the go-ahead to contribute to a better environment. This is where our special urban development capabilities play a decisive role.

Thinking five, ten or fifteen years ahead while taking into account the rapid deepening of globalisation and the large-scale projects that result from it allows us to picture the challenges that will be faced by planners and developers socially, culturally, technologically, and economically. The development of a globally increasing construction volume, combined with a rapidly increasing number of interdisciplinary projects coincides with a second effect: “Individual projects are getting bigger and clients are tending to tie up increasingly larger planning packages”. The role of the “meta-planner”, who acts as a coordinator for all services and over all phases while also managing all parties involved in the planning process, is already undertaken by companies like Dorsch Gruppe.

Dorsch Gruppe is the only German company to deliver complementary interdisciplinary services in urban construction, building, infrastructure planning, and development cooperation on a major scale with its own staff. These advantages make us internationally competitive.

The strength of Dorsch Gruppe lies in its many years of experience combined with openness to future developments. This can be seen in the interaction of our teams in Europe, Africa, Arab countries, India and Southeast Asia. They represent a convergence of excellent talents with global reach and local knowledge.  


Olaf Hoffmann
CEO of Dorsch Gruppe

Olaf Hoffmann
Dorsch CEO - Olaf Hoffmann