The Clients

The architecture and structural engineering division serves both the public and private sector as well as military clients.

The company is highly respected and enjoys an excellent reputation for its professional services in keeping with highest technical standards and meeting cost, quality and schedule criteria.

Public sector clients

  • Local-level authorities
  • State-level authorities
  • Federal-level authorities
  • DB (German Federal Railways)

Private sector clients

  • Industry
  • Investors/project developers
  • Corporate entities/associations
  • Military clients
  • Corps of Engineers, European Division
  • US Air Force
  • US Army


The aim of the design tasks of all our projects is their planning as an integral whole, which our architecture and engineering office does in close cooperation with outside consultants.

Questions arising during a task´s process are always dealt with by measuring up against the efficiency in terms of their ecological responsibility, their economical considerations of resources as well as their technical feasibility.

Thus emerge buildings characterised by innovative technology mandatory to comply with required living and working environments, not only in terms of artistic or technical features however, but also in reflecting the architect´s and engineer´s responsibility toward the environment.

General Planning

As general and infrastructural planners we coordinate planning, engineering and building activities using our company’s comprehensive know-how and experience in all planning sectors.

We manage the organization and coordination of all planning services on behalf of the client and third parties. The owner can at all times rely on a competent contact partner in all phases of a project.

By integrating contracted planning services and at the same time maintaining maximum transparency for our clients in design and construction processes we are able to streamline and reduce the interfaces between architects and other experts.

Close collaboration among individual disciplines and the pooling of expertise guarantee optimal utilization of synergy effects resulting in maximum cost, scheduling and quality control.

Efficient Urban and Social infrastructure is a prerequisite for social justice and economic progress.

Apart from the construction and maintenance of educational and social facilities and the establishment of essential supply networks, the formulation of local management procedures, the definition of decentralised decision paths and the training of all participants are of prime importance.

We act as advisory and supporting partner with the objective of promoting self-help through holistic approaches. Within our projects we integrate local initiatives and available human resources in order to assist in the development of sustainable systems, using our experienced and trained staff as well as our network of local and international partners.

Main activities in social infrastructure

  • Infrastructure for schools and universities, social und health facilities
  • Supply networks
  • Reconstruction works
  • Management systems for reconstruction
  • Decentralised management consulting
  • Assistance in reform processes
  • Advisory services to agencies and ministries
  • Socio-economic studies
  • Training programmes

Dorsch Gruppe recognizes the role of landscape architecture in the creation of environments, which are aesthetically, socially and ecologically balanced to meet the diverse and complex demands of the contemporary society.

Typical services to be provided by Dorsch Gruppe's architects are:

  • Site analysis
  • Ecological planning
  • Site planning
  • Hardscape design
  • Softscape design
  • Planting plans and plant material selection
  • Site furniture design
  • Exterior lighting design

for a variety of project types including recreational developments, residential developments and palace complexes.

The following Design Services are offered for Residential, Mixed Use, Commercial and Public Buildings:  

  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Sustainable Building Design (i.e. ESTIDAMA)
  • Fire Protection & Fire Alarm
  • Life Safety System
  • Audio Video System
  • Security and Surveillance Systems Design
  • Data Center
  • Acoustics
  • Information Technologies