Pipeline from Pitolganj to Kurmitola Aviation Depot (KAD) at Dhaka Airport, Bangladesh


DC India signed contract for a Feasibility Study for the Construction of a 16 km long Jet–A1 Pipeline


Economy of Bangladesh is growing at 7.1% and is classified among Next Eleven emerging market economies in the world. The high pace of economic growth is reflected in the growth of aviation industry of Bangladesh. The passenger and cargo movement by air is projected to be increased substantially to and from Bangladesh. The rise is expected in Domestic and International Traffic for both passenger and cargo movements. Hence, it is necessary to enhance the allied infrastructure required for aviation industry and ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel to the aircrafts.

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) is the largest airport in Bangladesh, located in Kurmitola, northern Dhaka. Padma Oil Company Limited (POCL), a subsidiary of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) being the sole operator and the supplier of Jet A-1 fuel in Bangladesh, holds the total responsibility of storage and supply of aviation fuel at HSIA.

The current system to supply Jet A-1 fuel from Godenail Depot to Airport Terminal, Kurmitola Aviation Depot (KAD) by road is resulting in loss due to leakage, pilferage, etc. The estimated losses including the total transportation loss amount is estimated to be about 4 Mio. USD annually. The current system is also proving less effective, risky and vulnerable due to frequent traffic jams on route, natural calamities and hartals etc.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to reduce the losses, increase the efficiency, reliability and provide uninterrupted supply of Jet A-1 fuel to KAD. This project is considered as a top priority project to be completed on fast track in national interest of Bangladesh.

DC India provides consulting services to perform a high quality feasibility study, prepare the FEED package, fix alignment of the pipe line, design of jetty etc. and prepare the bidding documents for the aviation pipeline.